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Thank you for visiting my personal Blog. I have been making cards and other forms of art work for about 8 years. My creative side only showed itself in my late 30's. I have a passion for anything to do with card making and paper. I enter my own world and never like to follow the rules. I will try anything and everything on my creations, I am crazy about flowers. They hold an innocence which can never be bought. Other interests include....... Parchment, Decoupage, Paint-crackling, Crochet and Knitting. I am a married to a wonderful man who supports me all the way and encourages me in what I love to do. We have been married for 19 years and we have one daughter. She is my world. (A true blessing from God)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

This card I made during the week, a friend of mine is going to a very posh Black and white wedding she wanted flowers. I chose the roses and to break the color I added the silver what notes and some pearls just to add some interest. The blank space at the bottom is for the couples names which I will do in calligraphy.

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